mandag den 9. november 2009

26. October Visit with the surgeon

The removal of stitches went really well. There was only one left. My surgeon said, he was happy, he had used blue thread so it was easy to see what was left.

Then I showed him the discolored tooth, and I was so confident that he would say like Rita and Kate that it was no problem at all. Instead he said that it had never happend to him before, and he couldn't understand it. He checked with the x-rays that were taken right after surgery. And he was nowhere near the roots of the tooth. I asked if the tooth was dying, and he said maybe. But nothing can be done untill the splint is removed. I am scheduled to have it removed on 18. november. I just can't wait. Talking is so annoying. And I am also starting to feel pain from the rubberbands and hooks in the front. But I have to wear them for 2 months 24/7 and then I have to wear them at night for 2 months. I am allowed to have four breaks for one hour when I eat.

When we were looking at the x-rays regarding the discolored tooth, the surgeon showed me, how many screws that had been attached to my jaw area. I counted almost 30!!! Yikes. No wonder I have been swollen and bruised for so long. He said that some of the bruising were a bit stubborn, but eventually it will all go away.

For the next period of time I have to exercise my jaw.

Here are some pictures where you can see what I look like 4 weeks post-op.

lørdag den 24. oktober 2009

Visiting my orthodontist

This friday I saw my orthodontist for the first time since the surgery. He said things looked okay. My face is still swollen, and I have a light green bruising on my throat and on my cheeks. Sadly enough he didn't remove the splint. My surgeon wants it to stay on untill wednesday the 18th of november. What a bummer. It makes it soooo difficult to talk. The hooks and rubberbands will also be staying on.

The orthodontist couldn't do much, but he noticed something that worries me quite a bit. One of my front teeth has a different colour. It's kind of a light pink, and this is a sign of internal bleeding in the tooth. I have to talk to my surgeon about it on monday. Maybe they have to go in and stop the bleeding. On monday they will also remove the stitches. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Here is picture of my cat doing a great job of being supportive :-)

torsdag den 22. oktober 2009


Sorry, I am not very good at updating.

On monday october 12th I saw my OS for the second time after the surgery. He didn't do much. My face was still very swollen. The only thing, he wanted me to do, is to wear three rubberbands on these two hooks that are placed in my upper jaw and my lower jaw. It looks kind of like a big fang. In fact I think I scared the postman when he had to deliver a package. He took one look at my bruises, swollen face + fang and disappeared very fast.

I have started to get into the routine after the surgery. I eat and drink, clean my teeth, go for a walk and start all over again. I only have two things that I find a bit annoying: my splint (it's so difficult to speak) and the ever present drooling. But I guess it goes away eventually.

The autum weather in Denmark has been very nice. Here is a picture of me enyoing the sun.

Tomorrow I see my dentist for the first time since the surgery. I hope that he will remove the splint, but I have my doubts. On monday I have my next appointment with my OS.

søndag den 11. oktober 2009

Getting better

My mother called my surgeon and he prescriped some new pain medication that doesn't upset my stomach as much. I have been able to eat quite regularly and I have also been able to sleep the last couple of nights.

I think I hit my all time lowe friday morning when I got up. I just started sobbing because I was so tired, in pain and just fed up with being in my body. After I cried, I picked myself up again. I know the only way to get better is to eat as much as possible and do what the doctor says.

Things are getting easier, but it is still no picknic. I could not have gotten through this without my mother. She has been here for me every step of the way. She brings me my food, water and medication. She picks me up when I am down.

I have lost four pounds this first week, but I guess this is what to expect. The swelling seems to have gone down a bit. All in all I think things are improving. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I also have to go to the hospital to see my surgeon. I hope my jaw is healing like it is supposed to.

torsdag den 8. oktober 2009

Surgery - not as easy as I thought

Surgery was monday the 5 th of october. I am glad I didn't really know what I was putting my self through. Its been a hard couple of days. After the operation I got so sick that I vomitted blood for five times. After I had gotten that out of the system, things seemed to be going fine. But I had a hard time sleeping. I was convinced that I couldn't breathe through my nose. And the next morning I nearly fainted in the bathroom all by myself. I tried to call out for help but no one heard. After some time I pulled myself up from the floor and got into the hospital bed again. I really thought I was going to die on that floor. Spooky.

I was in the hospital from monday till wednesday. When I got home I got sick again. It seems like my body doesn't like the pain-medication. I keep on vomitting. So now I will try to do with out all the pills, but my face is hurting. I don't know whats worse: vomitting all the time or feeling the pain. I just want time to fly so I will get through this. I didn't think it would be that hard.

My surgeon is very optimistic and says that things went very smoothly and that I only lost about 10 ml blood. Thats way below average. They also say that my face isn't as puffy as most other jawsurgery patients. So things should work out fine.

I really hope the pain and the discomfort soon goes away. I will post some pictures when I feel better.